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Pixie Dust

A Jelf Academy Novel

All of her life, Jane has been despised by her stepmother, Marie. When she was five, her father unexpectedly passed, and she discovered she could move objects with her mind. Repulsed by Jane’s abilities, Marie forces Jane into a life of servitude, catering to Marie’s children and completing the chores at the manor house. Jane endures her dreadful life for eleven years with no hope of escape.


Suddenly, a startling encounter changes her life. Jane discovers that she is a pixie just like her mother had been and is invited to attend the esteemed Jelf Academy of Magic. Jane is swept up in a magical world full of new experiences. However, things are not as wonderful as they seem. Despite her efforts, Jane is not fully accepted by the pixie community. Jane must find a way to prove herself before she is banished from the one place that feels like home. 



Enchanting, fantastical, and fresh, Pixie Dust is a new twist on the concept of pixies, with a relatable heroine that is sure to captivate teens and adults alike. 


Dragon Scales

A Jelf Academy Novel

Jane has succeeded in securing her place at the Jelf Academy of Magic, but now the W.A.S.P. is hunting for her. Despite the threat to her life, Jane is excited to return to the Academy for her second year. The classes are more complex, and with the edition of a new class, there are many new things to learn. However, tensions arise with the arrival of Josefina’s childhood friends.

Outside the Academy, it is even more imperative to keep her magic a secret. Jane has more chores than ever at the manor with Emily’s upcoming wedding. Robert is the only person that helps relieve Jane’s anxiety, and their relationship grows stronger. However, every time he is near, her pulse quickens. As their tasks around the manor bring them closer together, Jane tries to resist her feelings.

Can Jane adjust to the changes at the Jelf Academy, avoid the W.A.S.P., and suppress her thoughts about Robert, or will she be doomed to make the same mistakes as her mother?

Secret Siren 04[1367].jpg

Secret Siren

A Jelf Academy Novel

Devastated by her recent loss, Jane is overcome with grief. As Jane struggles to lose herself in her chores around the manor, horrible nightmares plague her dreams every night, causing her to relive the deadly tragedy. The surprise attack by the W.A.S.P. has Jane rattled to the core, and nothing can distract her from her grieving heart, not even the manor’s new resident.

Jane’s third year at the Jelf Academy presents new relationships, difficult challenges, and auspicious adventures. However, the recurring nightmares haunt her every waking hour. Are the dreams just related to her trauma, or is someone trying to warn her? Will Jane ever be able to mend her broken heart, or will her world remain shattered?

Wasp’s Nest 04.jpg

Wasp's Nest

To fulfill Robert’s last request, Jane must locate his family. With the help of Mr. Withermyer, she embarks on a challenging search with little information to lead her in the right direction. As Jane closes in, Robert’s spirit isn’t the only thing haunting her dreams.

The beginning of the fourth year at the Jelf Academy has Jane facing greater obstacles than adding Teleportation to her class list. The W.A.S.P. are becoming bolder in their hunt for her, and a shocking revelation could shatter the balance between life at the manor and the academy. Jane becomes entangled in the most dangerous of circumstances, which could threaten everything she holds dear. Can Jane stay one step ahead of the W.A.S.P., or will she become trapped like a fly in honey?

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