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All of her life, Jane has been despised by her stepmother, Marie. When she was five, her father unexpectedly passed, and she discovered she could move objects with her mind. Repulsed by Jane’s abilities, Marie forces Jane into a life of servitude, catering to Marie’s children and completing the chores at the manor house. Jane endures her dreadful life for eleven years with no hope of escape.


Suddenly, a startling encounter changes her life. Jane discovers that she is a pixie, just like her mother had been, and is invited to attend the esteemed Jelf Academy of Magic. Jane is swept up in a magical world full of new experiences. However, things are not as wonderful as they seem. Despite her efforts, Jane is not fully accepted by the pixie community. Jane must find a way to prove herself before she is banished from the one place that feels like home. 



Enchanting, fantastical, and fresh, Pixie Dust is a new twist on the concept of pixies, with a relatable heroine that is sure to captivate teens and adults alike. 

Pixie Dust-Author Signed Book

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