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Jane has succeeded in securing her place at the Jelf Academy of Magic, but now the W.A.S.P. is hunting for her. Despite the threat to her life, Jane is excited to return to the Academy for her second year. The classes are more complex, and with the edition of a new class, there are many new things to learn. However, tensions arise with the arrival of Josefina’s childhood friends.

Outside the Academy, it is even more imperative to keep her magic a secret. Jane has more chores than ever at the manor with Emily’s upcoming wedding. Robert is the only person that helps relieve Jane’s anxiety, and their relationship grows stronger. However, every time he is near, her pulse quickens. As their tasks around the manor bring them closer together, Jane tries to resist her feelings.

Can Jane adjust to the changes at the Jelf Academy, avoid the W.A.S.P., and suppress her thoughts about Robert, or will she be doomed to make the same mistakes as her mother?

Dragon Scales- Author Signed Paperback

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